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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Your Trusted Source for Home Renters Insurance

Do not count on your landlords home insurance to have coverage for your personal belongings or liabilities. The owners responsibility is the building and property, not your personal belongings (furniture, clothes, etc.) inside the dwelling.


You could experience loss due to theft, fire, weather or other means and you want to be sure your personal valuables are protected. An injury in your home, to you, a family member or friend could come out of your pocket for medical expenses.

Budget Bi-Rite is your reliable source for Home Renters Insurance! With 30+ years of expertise and 10 top insurance companies behind us, we guarantee you the best coverage at competitive prices while protecting all your belongings. Let our knowledgeable agents go above and beyond in safeguarding yourself and your assets.


Let us find a policy to meet your budget!

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Home Renters Insurance, also known as renters or tenants insurance, is a crucial financial safety net for anyone renting a home or apartment. While your landlord's insurance covers the building and property, it does not protect your personal belongings or liability.

Protect Your Personal Property

Imagine the financial setback of losing your personal belongings due to theft, fire, weather-related damage, or other unforeseen events. Home Renters Insurance provides coverage for your furniture, clothes, electronics, and other valuable possessions.

Liability Protection

Accidents happen, even in the safety of your rented home. If an injury occurs to you, a family member, or a friend within your rental property, you could be held responsible for medical expenses. Renters insurance offers liability protection to help cover these costs.

Additional Living Expenses

In the event that your rented home becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to covered perils, such as a fire, renters insurance can assist with additional living expenses, including temporary accommodation and meals.

Why Choose Budget Bi-Rite for Home Renters Insurance?

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-rated underwriting companies for your insurance needs. With us, you can save money on premiums while experiencing fast turnaround times and accessing an array of great features.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals understands renters' unique struggles when looking for home insurance, so let us guide you through it! We have a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise on this subject to ensure you always receive the most suitable coverage. Don't risk being uninsured; trust us and rest easy knowing your rent's covered!

Comprehensive Coverage

We provide tailored renters insurance to suit your needs. With access to various top-rated insurers, we ensure you are protected from liability or property damage risks. Our customized policy also offers extra coverage for additional living expenses in case of an emergency. Trust us with the right protection for you and your family!


Budget Bi-Rite is the ideal choice to ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to renting your home. Our comprehensive coverage caters to all license holders—including those from different countries—so you'll always be fully protected no matter where you live or travel. Finding an affordable plan that meets all your needs is easy with us!


We believe in rewarding responsible individuals. That's why we offer a wide variety of discounts, including:

  • Safe driver discounts

  • Senior citizen discounts

  • Good student discounts

  • Homeowners discounts

  • Multi-car discounts

  • Previous insurance discounts

Home Renters Insurance in Your State

Budget Bi-Rite is delighted to provide renters insurance services beyond just Florida! We now cover customers living in Georgia, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, and more, offering suitable protections for their homes that are backed up by an excellent customer service team who can assist 24/7.

Renters Insurance in Georgia

Our liability coverage and protection of personal belongings make renting easier, regardless if you're in Atlanta, Savannah, or Augusta. With decades of experience and top-rated customer service, we look forward to partnering with you for an effortless rental process.

Renters Insurance in Minnesota

Minnesotans, now is the time to protect your home and everything in it! Budget Bi-Rite offers Home Renters Insurance to ensure that your personal property stays safe anywhere in The North Star State from the Twin Cities to Duluth. Don’t wait any longer; get a free insurance quote with us today for peace of mind about what matters most.


Renters Home Insurance in Texas

Texans, protect your rented home from unexpected damages with renters insurance from Budget Bi-Rite. Our comprehensive and cost-effective coverages will provide secure protection for Houston, Austin, or Dallas dwellings so you can rest easy no matter where life takes you. Start safeguarding your rental property now by getting a free quote online!

Renters Insurance in Maryland

Secure your belongings with the comprehensive renters insurance policies provided by Budget Bi-Rite. Our top-notch Maryland coverage extends from Baltimore to Chesapeake Bay, giving you peace of mind no matter where you live or what unexpected events may come. We offer flexible payment options, too!

Renters Insurance in South Carolina

Live worry-free wherever life takes you with Budget Bi-Rite's renter's insurance protection. From the salty air of Myrtle Beach to Charleston's historic cobblestone streets, our reliable, comprehensive coverage plan will give you peace of mind that your valuables are protected throughout South Carolina.

Renters Insurance in Indiana

Indiana renters need Budget Bi-Rite! Our comprehensive insurance policy is tailored to meet your unique needs and budget in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville, no matter where you live. Protect your possessions from losses due to natural disasters, burglary, or malicious damage by taking out an insurance policy with us today!

Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

Experience peace of mind no matter where in Pennsylvania you call home: get covered with Budget Bi-Rite renters insurance! Enjoy comprehensive personal property and residence protection, all at a price that won't break the bank. Choose from customized plans designed specifically for Pennsylvanians; choose security today with reliable renters insurance from Budget Bi-Rite.

Affordable Renters Insurance

At Budget Bi-Rite, we provide the best prices on renters insurance, so you don't have to scrimp when it comes to protecting your belongings. With our wide range of coverage options and 30 years of industry experience, we can guarantee you'll get great value for money with all our policies. We make sure every customer is 100% satisfied before signing off!


Serving All of Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania.


Don't leave your personal property and financial security to chance. Contact Budget Bi-Rite today at (863) 453-3903 for a free phone quote. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect Home Renters Insurance policy to meet your needs.

Habla Español: We are pleased to offer assistance in Spanish to better serve our diverse community.

Alternatively, fill out our Request A Quote form, and one of our knowledgeable agents will contact you within 24 hours. With Budget Bi-Rite, your rented home and personal belongings are in safe hands.

See our article How To Protect Your Personal Property with Renters Insurance for more insight.

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