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Condo Insurance Florida

Condominium Insurance

We offer condominium (Condo), insurance at super low rates. Call and get your quote today!


A Condo insurance policy is similar but with some differences to a Renters or Home Owner Policy.

Most condominium associations offer insurance for the building structure and area's built for owners to enjoy such as a pool, lobby or other common area's.


Your condo unit interior is your responsibility as the owner in most cases and you want to be prepared financially should anything occur.

Even though your homeowner association carries insurance for the building, common areas like pools,the lobby, and the grounds, you would think that you are protected too. Ask about their policy coverage versus your condo and belongings.


You want the right policy coverage and we can help you with that. 


  • Building Property Protection

  • Real Property Protection

  • Personal Property Protection

  • Liability Protection

  • Additional Living Expenses


Serving All of Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania.


Call today for a free phone quote (863) 453-3903 (Habla Espanol is available)

Or fill out our Request A Quote form and we will have an agent contact you within 24 hours.

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