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Condo Insurance Florida

Condominium Insurance

Avail Affordable Condominium Insurance in Florida

We offer condominium (Condo), insurance at super low rates. Call and get your quote today!


A Condo insurance policy is similar but with some differences to a Renters or Home Owner Policy.

Most condominium associations offer insurance for the building structure and area's built for owners to enjoy such as a pool, lobby or other common area's.


Your condo unit interior is your responsibility as the owner in most cases and you want to be prepared financially should anything occur.

Even though your homeowner association carries insurance for the building, common areas like pools,the lobby, and the grounds, you would think that you are protected too. Ask about their policy coverage versus your condo and belongings.


You want the right policy coverage and we can help you with that.

For over three decades, Budget Bi-Rite has been the go-to choice for Florida residents seeking reliable and affordable insurance solutions. As authorized agents of 10 leading insurers, we offer an unbeatable combination of personal service with custom-tailored coverage options that fit any budget perfectly.


Unmatched Quality and Cost Savings

Finding the right condominium insurance doesn't have to be complicated. At Budget Bi-Rite, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you, taking all of the legwork out and comparing policies from key underwriting companies so that you can get quality coverage at an affordable rate.


Inclusive and Accessible

We offer accessible services with unbeatable rental rates to customers from all walks of life, no matter their license type. We have bilingual representatives who provide excellent customer care in English and Spanish for a hassle-free experience!


We Offer Discounts

We believe in rewarding responsible individuals. That's why we offer an array of discounts, including:

  • Safe Driver: If you're a responsible driver, you deserve to save on your condominium insurance.

  • Senior Citizen: Age should bring discounts, not premium hikes. Our senior citizen discount helps you save.

  • Good Student: We applaud your commitment to education and offer discounts for good students.

  • Homeowners: Owning a home can bring you substantial savings on your insurance premiums.

  • Multi-Car: Insure multiple vehicles with us and enjoy additional savings.

  • Previous Insurance: If you've had insurance before, we appreciate your experience, and it reflects in your discount.

Protecting What Matters

Enjoy the protection and privacy of owning a condominium with specialized condo insurance. This type of policy is designed to provide owners coverage for their units and liability protection from any claims arising from injuries that occur on premises. Unlike homeowners and renters policies, it can also cover shared spaces like hallways or elevators owned by the association within your complex. Get peace of mind, understanding you're protected against all potential risks so you can truly enjoy life in your new home!

The Condo Association's Responsibility

Experience the security and peace of mind from knowing your community is properly insured with collective condo insurance coverage. Enjoy all your complex's amenities without worrying about unexpected costs in case of damage to the building or common areas funded by association fees.

Your Unit, Your Responsibility

Experience hassle-free condo ownership when you choose one of our luxurious units. Our association takes charge of looking after the common areas and exteriors, leaving it up to you to take care of everything within your unit's walls, flooring, and belongings.

The Gap in Protection

Unlock the real safety of your investment with additional condo insurance. Our policy offers complete coverage, protecting you from events like water damage and fire not covered by associations’ plans. Get peace of mind knowing that our comprehensive coverage has got you and your family safeguarded!

Assessing Association vs. Personal Coverage

To bridge this gap and ensure comprehensive protection for your condo and belongings, it's wise to compare your association's insurance policy with your personal condo insurance. Ask the important questions:

  • What does the association's policy cover?

  • Does it extend to damages within your unit?

  • How about your personal property?

  • Is liability coverage included?

  • What happens in case of additional living expenses due to unforeseen events?

Comprehensive Condominium Insurance Coverage

At Budget Bi-Rite, we understand a condominium is more than just an abode: it's where life happens and memories are made. That’s why our tailored condo insurance provides the complete protection needed to secure those precious moments for years to come so you have total peace of mind.

Building Property Protection

Our building property protection ensures that your condo unit's structure is safeguarded. This includes the walls, ceilings, floors, built-in fixtures, and more.

Real Property Protection

Real property protection extends coverage to your personal property within your condo unit. Your furniture, electronics, appliances, and other belongings are all covered in case of unforeseen events like fire, theft, or vandalism.

Personal Property Protection

Personal property protection extends coverage to your personal belongings within your condo unit. Your furniture, electronics, appliances, and other belongings are all covered in case of unforeseen events like fire, theft, or vandalism.

Liability Protection

Liability protection is crucial for peace of mind. It covers you in case of accidental injuries or property damage caused to others while on your property.

Additional Living Expenses

Sometimes, life throws unexpected challenges, like fire or severe damage to your condo that renders it uninhabitable. Our additional living expenses coverage helps cover temporary accommodation costs and necessary expenses during such times.

Serving Multiple States

Budget Bi-Rite has been passionately serving customers in 8 states for over 30 years. We provide comprehensive insurance solutions to Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana, and Pennsylvania residents. Get the coverage you need today!

Get Your Free Condominium Insurance Quote Today

Securing the right condominium insurance has never been easier. At Budget Bi-Rite, we're committed to helping you find the coverage that perfectly suits your requirements.


There are two convenient ways to get started:

Call us directly at (863) 453-3903

Our dedicated team of insurance experts is ready to assist you. We offer bilingual support, ensuring that language is never a barrier to accessing the best insurance solutions.

Request a Quote Online

If you prefer to have one of our agents contact you within 24 hours, fill out our Request A Quote form. It's a hassle-free way to take the first step towards safeguarding your condominium and your peace of mind.

At Budget Bi-Rite, we're not just insurance providers but your protection partners. Trust us to find the ideal condominium insurance coverage that fits your budget and ensures your valuable investment stays secure. Don't wait; reach out to us today and experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that truly cares about your needs.

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