Motorcycle Insurance Florida

Motorcycle Insurance

Protect yourself with more than your gear and a helmet. Get the right coverage you need on a budget you can afford. Whether you are driving or a passenger on a motorcycle, there is something very special about hitting the open road on a beautiful day and taking in the sights. This is for so many, just ultimate freedom.


Without motorcycle insurance, you risk penalties such as,


  • Loss of License

  • Loss of Tag/Registration

  • Restitution for any damages you may cause in an accident

  • Three years of high risk SR22 mandatory liability insurance coverage


Not only are we talking high risk, we are also talking higher amounts of money coming out of your pocket.


  • Your Medical expenses

  • Damage to your motorcycle

  • Loss of income due to injury

  • when all this could be avoided.


We cover motorcycles, custom motorcycles, classic motorcycles, and more.

Coverage includes: 


  • Collision

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Damage caused by uninsured or under insured drivers


See our Article - Motorcycle Safety and Insurance Tips You Need To Know

Call us to see how you can get a discount on motorcycle insurance for attending a riders course.

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