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Homeowners Insurance Florida

Homeowners Insurance

Budget Bi-Rite Insurance has been an award-winning agency since 1989, and we have been proud to help protect families with quality homeowners insurance for over 30 years. Our customer service department is available 24/7, ready to answer any questions regarding policy details or claims processing. This is just another way of showing how committed we are to safeguarding each client's assets throughout their journey with us.

Secure Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Owning a home is a big accomplishment, representing years of hard work; however, it requires protection from the unexpected. With comprehensive home insurance coverage, homeowners can ensure their investment is safeguarded in case of an incident, giving them remarkable peace of mind to enjoy life's milestones with safety and security.

Florida demands robust homeowners insurance coverage due to its unique climate and occasional natural challenges like hurricanes. Our homeowner's insurance policies are tailor-made to address the risks that Floridian homeowners face, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.

Our Comprehensive Coverage Options

At Budget Bi-Rite Insurance, we understand how important it is to secure your memories, dreams, and hard work inside of your home with reliable insurance coverage options tailored specifically for homeowners like you. With decades of experience in this field and unparalleled customer service, entrusting Budget Bi-Rite will give you peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens, your investment remains safe from harm’s way.

Home Structure Protection

Your home's structural integrity is the bedrock on which your daily life stands. Each component plays a crucial role, from the roof that shelters you to the walls that embrace your family. Our Home Structure Protection is designed to fortify this foundation. Life's unpredictability, be it in fire, storms, or other unexpected events, can threaten your home's structural soundness.

With our Home Structure Protection, you're covered for repair and replacement costs in the aftermath of such perils. Whether a fire engulfs your living space or a storm leaves its mark, we stand by your side, ready to shoulder the financial burden of rebuilding.


Personal Property Protection

Our Personal Property Protection offers an impenetrable layer of protection for all your cherished possessions within your home's walls. From heirlooms passed down generations to modern-day gadgets making life easier, this coverage shields its insured from the financial strain caused by theft or destruction due to natural disasters or other calamities out of their control.

Our commitment stands with each policyholder as they rebuild and reclaim a sense of normalcy through our replacement costs, giving them assurance and security when faced with misfortune, ultimately providing true peace of mind no matter what comes their way.

Liability Insurance

Our comprehensive Liability Insurance offers coverage for public and private liability, legal cover in case of property damage or injury caused by yourself or someone living in your household, and compensation for lost wages should a third party be unable to work due to an incident on your premises.

With our policy, rest assured that anything out of the ordinary won't become extraordinary; it can remain just another valuable lesson learned along life's path without significant financial implications.

Additional Living Expenses

Life's twists and turns can sometimes render your home temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered event. When disaster strikes and you find yourself displaced, our Additional Living Expenses coverage acts as a safety net. The costs of temporary housing, meals, and other related expenses can quickly add up, causing undue stress during an already challenging time.

With Additional Living Expenses coverage, you can rest assured that these unforeseen costs won't burden you. Your focus can remain on getting back on your feet while we take care of the practicalities.

Homeowners Insurance in Florida and Beyond

While our roots are firmly planted in Florida, we're proud to extend our exceptional homeowners insurance services beyond the Sunshine State. In addition to offering homeowners insurance in Florida, we now cater to homeowners in Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. Our commitment to excellence, quality coverage, and unparalleled customer service knows no geographical bounds.

Why Choose Budget Bi-Rite Insurance?

When you choose Budget Bi-Rite Insurance, you're choosing a partner that goes above and beyond to meet your needs:

  1. Comprehensive Comparison: With our extensive network of top insurance companies, we compare policies for both quality and cost. This ensures you get the best value for your money without compromising coverage.

  2. Inclusive Acceptance: We believe that everyone deserves reliable protection. That's why we accept all kinds of licenses, including international licenses. Your location or background won't hinder you from accessing our services.

  3. Bi-Lingual Representatives: Effective communication is key to understanding your insurance needs fully. Our bi-lingual representatives are here to bridge any language gaps and ensure you clearly understand your coverage.

  4. Wide Variety of Discounts: We appreciate your dedication to being a safe driver, a responsible homeowner, or a diligent student. Our range of discounts, including safe driver, senior citizen, good student, multi-car, and previous insurance discounts, reflect our appreciation for your efforts.


Your Home's Security is Our Priority

At Budget Bi-Rite Insurance, we understand that your home is more than just bricks and mortar; it's a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. Our homeowner's insurance policies are crafted with this understanding, offering comprehensive protection against life's uncertainties.

Whether you're in the vibrant neighborhoods of Florida or other states we serve, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Your home's security is not just our business; it's our priority. Contact us today, and let's build a stronger, more secure future for your home.


At Budget Bi-Rite we have you covered. We offer you affordable rates, a protection plan you can trust, and outstanding service you can count on. ​You have made one of the largest investments of your life, purchasing your home. Now, you need to protect your home in case of hurricanes, tornados, fire, theft, and other unpredictable incidences, even with your pets.

Serving All of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.


Tip: Protect Your Home While You're Away

​When you go on a trip, the information should be between you, your family, and close friends. When you come home, you can share your news and vacation photos with your online friends!

Get Started Today

Don't leave the protection of your home to chance. Call us today at (863) 453-3903 (Habla Espanol is available) for a free phone quote. If you prefer, fill out our convenient Request A Quote form, and one of our knowledgeable agents will contact you within 24 hours.


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