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Welcome to Budget Bi Rite Insurance,Inc

We Find Insurance That Meets Every Budget!

Providing Quality Coverage For Over 30 Years

Tailored Insurance Solutions for Personal & Business Needs




We are authorized agents for multiple top carriers, and we take pride in keeping updated on the most current changes in the Insurance Market to get you the best rates!

At Budget Bi-Rite Insurance, we prioritize your security and peace of mind. Our highly skilled team provides comprehensive insurance plans to cover a diverse range of personal and business needs, safeguarding against unexpected events that may impact the future you've worked hard for.

With us alongside you, rest assured that any potential risks are managed proactively, letting you focus on creating a bright tomorrow with confidence today!

Secure Personalized Insurance Protection Now

Don't settle for one-size-fits-all insurance. Find the perfect fit with Budget Bi-Rite. We offer custom insurance solutions, from autos to boats, motorcycles, and mobile homes. With our help, you can get the perfect coverage that meets your unique needs.

Our experienced team will provide discounts based on a variety of factors, such as being a safe driver or student, so that when it comes time to insure all of your assets, no matter their type or value, they are protected without costing a fortune. Start customizing yours today with Budget Bi-Rite Insurance–let us tailor an insurance policy for whatever life throws at you!

Secure a Home Insurance That Truly Matters

Your home is more than just a place; it's where memories are made and dreams are nurtured. Protecting it is not just a choice; it's a responsibility. Budget Bi-Rite offers home insurance that extends beyond four walls; we protect the heart of your home and everything it holds.

With coverage plans tailored to your specific needs, our home insurance options are available in several states, including Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Budget Bi-Rite Insurance strives to ensure all homes are safe and secure, regardless of state. With our experienced team of professionals guiding you every step of the way, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

Transform Your Business with Our Insurance Solutions

At Budget Bi-Rite Insurance, we understand that successful businesses require hard work, dedication, and careful decision-making. By partnering with us, you will get access to our vast selection of tailored insurance solutions that ensure stability for your future endeavors.

Whether you're a service professional, own a commercial establishment, or need general liability coverage, we have the expertise to tailor insurance solutions that match your business's unique needs. We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our coverage options are extensive. From Garage liability to Migrant worker's transportation, we've got you covered.

Your investment deserves protection, and we're here to ensure that happens. With our commitment to staying updated on the latest changes in the insurance market, we ensure that your coverage remains relevant and effective in the face of evolving challenges.

A Nationwide Approach

While we're proudly based in Florida, our reach goes far beyond state lines. We serve all of Florida for Auto, Boat, Transporter, and Business Insurance. We've also expanded our homeowner's insurance coverage to include Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This nationwide approach means that Budget Bi-Rite is within reach to provide top-notch insurance solutions regardless of where you are.

Home, Auto, Boat, and Businesses

We offer coverage for:

  • Auto

  • Boats

  • Motorcycles 

  • Transporter

  • Homeowners 

  • Manufactured/Mobile Homes 

  • General Liability Business

  • Commercial (All Types)

  • Service Professionals

  • Garage liability 

  • Migrant workers transportation 

Cars and Smiles

Let Us Do the Research For the Best Rates!
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We accept all kinds of licenses, international included. We also offer a wide variety of discounts such as safe driver, Senior citizen, good student, multi car and previous insurance.


Car on the Street

Ask us about deductibles as low as $100.00.


Bad credit, poor driving history?..No problem.


Rental, Towing and Roadside Assistance coverage is also available.


We can help you pick out the coverage plan just right for you.


We offer Home Insurance in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania

Home Entrance


Cutting Cheese

Your valuable time and money go into your business...


Protect your investment.

Let us help you choose the right business insurance for your company.

Why Choose Us for Your Insurance Needs

Decades of Dedicated Service

For more than three decades, Budget Bi-Rite Insurance has provided Floridians with trusted and reliable insurance solutions. Our experience in the field is unparalleled; our customers’ loyalty speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on being a long-term provider of excellent service and coverage.

Authorized Agents for Premier Companies

We are an experienced and authorized agent for over 10 leading insurance companies, offering our clients access to tailored protection while providing a wide selection of policies at competitive prices. Our commitment is to ensure quality coverage that meets individual needs without sacrificing value or service.

Unparalleled Customer Service

With over two decades of experience, our team ensures that customers receive superior customer service. We are dedicated to helping them through every step in the insurance process while building and maintaining strong relationships based on trust and understanding.


Wide Range of Coverage Options

When it comes to underwriting companies, we don't settle for less. Budget Bi-Rite Insurance partners with leading underwriting companies that share our commitment to excellence. This ensures that the coverage you receive is comprehensive and backed by industry leaders with a track record of reliability.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Budget Bi-Rite Insurance is an inclusive and accessible insurance provider that welcomes all kinds of licenses. Our bi-lingual representatives ensure language isn't a problem, while our commitment to providing you with the best coverage options means going above and beyond.

Discounts That Make a Difference

We offer customized insurance coverage to suit individual needs and budgets, complete with attractive discounts for the ultimate peace of mind at a competitive price.

Easy Quote Process

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our team of experienced professionals by getting your free quote today. Call us at (863) 453-3903 for the best insurance advice, or connect with one of our Spanish-speaking representatives. Get started on protecting what you value most now!

Request A Quote

Enjoy a more convenient experience with our Request A Quote form. Our expert agents are available within 24 hours to provide you with the attention and information you need quickly and conveniently.


Serving All of Florida for Auto, Boat, Transporter, and Business Insurance.

For Homeowners Insurance - Serving All of Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

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