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Condominium Insurance 

We offer condominium (Condo), insurance at super low rates. Call and get your quote today!

A Condo insurance policy is not the same as a Renters or Home Owner Policy.
Most condominium associations offer insurance for the building structure and area's built for owners to enjoy such as a pool, lobby or other common area's. 

Condo owners are still required to own Condo Insurance. Your condo unit interior is your responsibility as the owner and you may be held liable for damage to a common area do to an accident or negligence on your part. 

Florida condo owners have insurance that is very different from homeowners and renters insurance. Even though your homeowner association carries insurance for the building, bridges, pools and the area the owners use like the lobby, you would think that you are protected too. Look closely at the sentence though, their policy covers the building, not your condo and your belongings.

You want the right policy coverage and we can help you with that. 

* Building Property Protection
* Real Property Protection
* Personal Property Protection
* Liability Protection
* Additional Living Expenses

Serving All of Florida.

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